Life’s Tough Decisions

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Nobody likes to make the big decisions. Even the things that seem obvious can bring your life to a screeching halt when it comes time to give a definite yes or no answer. There are a few ways to keep your stress in check though.

Many will tell you to make a pro/con list when looking at a big, life-changing decision, but that can make things more confusing. Even though there are always good and bad things that come with change, they may not be objective. The long-term and short-term risk and reward might be drastically different – a big initial change for a small payoff or vice versa and it can be very difficult to see the big picture when you’re stressed. Game theory even shows that people are less likely to rule in favor of a choice that results in a bigger reward further down the line the other choice can bring them a smaller reward sooner. So, ditch the pros and cons list, and go for something a little more complex: long-term and short-term goals. Weigh the pros and cons of now versus then, and how both lists affect your goals.

If you’re still not sure, talk about it. A lot of people withdraw when looking at a big decision. It can be embarrassing to feel so lost and stuck – but it really shouldn’t be. Chances are your friends have faced hardships or phases of uncertainty and may have advice if not a sympathetic ear. Once you’ve done your formal research, hitting the pavement for real world experience might be the extra kernel of knowledge you need to tip the scales in one direction or the other. You might even get to see the short-term versus the long-term result of your decision in action, and tangible evidence is always a lot more useful than hearsay.

Once you understand your options, don’t linger. It’s okay to be scared when faced with a big change. It might be a new job, new house, or new person in your life, but everybody gets comfortable within their own routine. Wanting to keep that routine going for as long as possible is only natural, and so putting off a big decision will be most people’s initial response. But don’t trap yourself in indecision. Routine can become a crutch that severely limits your growth. It’s not only okay to be scared, it’s okay to jump into something new while scared too. You can’t always be 100% prepared even when you know the consequences, but as long as you’re willing to be open and learn as you go, you’ll be okay. People are always flying by the seat of their pants, but making mistakes is the best way to learn. It’s all about growing and changing at your own rate, but you’ll never know what that is if you don’t push yourself just a little.

Finally, take a deep breath. Remember that sometimes life is about intuition. Sometimes you have to use your intuition. Here’s a trick: flip a coin – you’ll know what you’re hoping for as soon as it’s in the air, whether it’s heads, tails, neither, or both. Then it’ll just be a matter of figuring out how to get what you want.

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